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DIY Home Staging like a Pro!

Staging your home with a professional can often times be pricey. In fact according to Home Advisor, 2019 home staging pricing can run you anywhere from $400 all the way up to $6,000 for extended periods of time. If you are someone who isn’t working with a budget to accommodate those services, here are some tricks of the trade you can implement right now to turn your uninspired space into a buyer's dream home.

#1 Fresh Flowers
Have a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers as you enter the home. Make sure they are real flowers, not fake ones, as tempting as that might be. Think ranunculus, calla lilies, pink freesia, dahlias, roses, and carnations. To keep your arrangements looking fresh, change the water every few days and wrap a (hidden) rubberband around the stems to keep them standing upright.

 #2 Clear up the Clutter 
Whether it’s the entry, bathroom, bedside, coffee or kitchen table, the neater the better. Tuck away the un-needed appliances or cluttered makeup bags. “Clear the way for a sale by letting buyers see your square footage, not your personal belongings,” suggests interior designer Lisa LaPorta. Be methodical in the items left on any surfaces. One tip is to try placing things in a tray, like a candle, small plant or a neat stack of books.

 #3 Organize your Closet
Often times potential buyers are looking at homes for sale that offer more space. Utilizing your space effectively will help put your buyers mind at ease. According to Melissa Marro, rated one of the top real estate homestagers in the U.S., “The worst things that homeowners can do when selling their home is have unorganized and packed closets.” If you have clothes strung out along the floor and overflowing hampers, it will appear as though you can’t fit it all in one place. A simple and inexpensive tip is to buy matching hangers and small organizational bins, this helps the buyers eye flow and make the space feel a lot larger.