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4 Steps to getting you closer to buying your dream home.

Investing in your first piece of real estate means getting in the right state of mind and taking a closer look at into your finances. Take a look at the outlined steps below to help you be more successful.

Step 1:

Tighten up your budget.
One way you can do this is by skipping an indulgence here and there, so you can start saving the ideal 20% down for your first home.. Start looking at things like your cable bill, subscriptions, dining out or grabbing coffee each morning on your way into work. Dave Ramsey, an expert in financial planning, advises that if you don’t have a monthly budget your money will disappear easily and you won’t know where it went. Looking at the big picture and understanding where your money is going each month can be a huge wake up call and save you hundreds, even thousands.

Step 2:

Start a dedicated bank account solely for your home.
Take the time to allocate exactly how much of each paycheck needs to be deposited into that account and leave it there. Eventually that account will start to stack up and get you closer to your home savings goal.

Step 3:

Give homeownership a trial run.
Create a budget as if you were already a homeowner. Factor in things like your mortgage, taxes, monthly electric bill and pay them into your savings account and see if you can comfortably get by. If you can’t, make the right adjustments and always make sure you have a safety net just in case.

Step 4:

Make sure you have a strong credit score.
This will position you to buy a home when the right time comes. Always make sure you are paying your bills on time. Monitor your credit score once a year to make sure nothing unexpected is going to pop up. According to The Lender Network, most mortgage loan options are going to expect your credit score to be above 600.

Adopting these four steps will have you in your dream home in no time!